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Katharine Swailes: Selected Maker Collect Open 2019

Katharine Swailes is delighted to be selected for Collect Open 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery. She will be presenting intricate tapestries inspired by the solar system. Collect is an International Art Fair for Craft and Design. Opening on the 28.2. - 3.3.2019.

TOAST: Martin Creed

Hauser & Wirth: London

Hauser & Wirth London are currently presenting an exhibition by Martin Creed entitled ‘Toast’ which includes new sculpture, painting, drawing, tapestry, video, live action and music. Creed has become known for hugely varied work which is by turns uncompromising, entertaining, shocking and beautiful. (from Hauser & Wirth website).


Isabella Smith

Crafts Magazine Issue No. 273 Introducing our July/August 2018 issue: ..and studio visits with two of the country’s leading contemporary makers, ceramist Akiko Hirai and tapestry weaver Caron Penney.

Weaving New Worlds

William Morris Gallery

In this exhibition 15 women artists from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Japan weave the stories of our time: the possibilities, the hopes and lost chances. Using the traditional hand woven tapestry techniques that connect us to the past, they have taken contemporary images and events, personal dreams and feelings. Artist Caron Penney from Atelier Weftfaced will be joining the fifteen weavers in June 2018. Online Catalogue.

Atelier Weftfaced at the Royal Society for Sculptors: Weaving the Martin Creed Commission

London Craft Week

London Craft Week 2018 will take place between 9 - 13 May. This annual event showcases the very best international and British creativity and craftsmanship through a ‘beyond luxury’ journey-of-discovery. Weavers Katharine Swailes and Caron Penney of Ateliers Weftfaced will discuss the process of creating hand woven tapestries for the artist and musician Martin Creed. The audience will be invited to ask questions and discuss the process of commissioning a tapestry.

Cover Magazine

Gillian Ayres Tapestry

Matt Bourne chooses Gillian Ayres Tapestry Tirra Lirra as his favourite textile in 50 issues of Cover magazine. The Gillian Ayres Tapestry was made with support from the Alan Cristea Gallery and the Campaign for Wool. Read more.

Maker of the Week

Crafts Council

Katharine Swailes of Atelier Weftfaced featured in House & Garden.

Crafts Council Directory Maker of the Week, Katharine Swailes, talks to them about getting into making, what inspires her and her favourite part of the making process.

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