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Gillian Ayres Tapestry Tirra Lirra

In 2014 the British abstract artist Gillian Ayres and Atelier Weftfaced collaborated on a new project to render one of the artists works into hand woven tapestry. The oil painting chosen was selected by the artist and lent itself beautifully to the hand weaving technique which blends subtly dyed threads to evoke each brush stroke. 

The project was supported by the Campaign for Wool (CfW) who were looking to show textiles made in wool for their exhibition 'Wool Interiors Collection', at Southwark Cathedral. The two interests were united creating an opportunity to create Gillian's first venture into tapestry. The work was created by Atelier Weftfaced and shown from 5th - 12th October 2014 for wool week. 


Gillian Ayres is one of the leading abstract painters of her generation. The Alan Cristea Gallery represents Gillian for her paintings and was instrumental in the concieving of Tirra Lirra tapestry.


Past Exhibitions:

June 2015 - Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Arundel

May 2015  Collect15, Crafts Council, Saatchi Gallery

Oct 2014   Wool Interiors Collection, Southwark Cathedral

Title: Tirra Lirra tapestry

Artist: Gillian Ayres

Date: 2014

Size: 102x120cm

Medium: Hand woven tapestry, in wool

POA - Edition of three.

For enquiries regarding the sale of Tirra Lirra please contact us.

Tirra Lirra tapestry by Gillian Ayres
Wool Collection, Campaign for Wool at Southwark Cathedral
Weftfaced wool and yarns for Tirra Lirra Tapestry
Detail of Tirra Lirra tapestry by Gillian Ares

Tirra Lirra tapestry  2014  by Gillian Ayres, Courtesy Gillian Ayres and Alan Cristea Gallery, London ©Gillian Ayres, all rights reserved, 2014

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