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Making tapestries

Weaving a Martin Creed tapestry

Tapestry is made by hand and is one of the most sublime textile mediums to still be used in textile production today. It has numerous uses, from acoustic hanging to a warm barrier against hard surfaces, to a beautiful and decorative artwork for exhibition or for a private home. The work that we make is of a high quality of craftsmanship and our weavers have between them over 40 years experience of making tapestry for artists and designers. We use traditional weaving techniques, creating some of the most exciting contemporary tapestry.

Tapestry can be made from most natural materials, although traditionally worsted wool is the main fibre present in a tapestry, although cotton, linen and silk are also commonly used. These fibres offer a change of lustre which can help the weaver interpret an artists painting. 


We are skilled colourists and dyers of wool. Whether you have an artwork or concept we can visualise the work by means of sample threads and woven tapestries. We are able to buy quality dyed threads or dye a palette especially for you. 


Catalogue of threads for Gillian Ayres tapestry
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