Caron Penney

Caron Penney uses both references to street architecture, and structural comparisons between the warp and weft and the gridded road systems in New York.  Often these themes respond to the ebb and flow of the daily migration across the city.  The subject matter draws comparisons between societies need to function and the individuals need for identity and their subtle co-existence. This careful balance is represented in the meticulous repetition of patterns and shapes in her tapestries. Penney reproduces familiar visual signs arranging them in sequences and rhythms. The colour red establishes a sense of separation within a dominant monochromatic palette.

Penney's ideas develop through observation, photography, sketches and the resulting tapestries. She uses the same limited range of materials traditionally used to make hand woven tapestry, with the addition of dyed cotton warp thread which edges the finely woven pieces.

Caron is a Directory Maker of the Crafts Council.

Current exhibition: 

CONSTRUCT, Sunny Bank Mills, Leeds

Kate Derum Prize, (Selected Maker) Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia

Previous exhibition:

William Morris Gallery, June 2018

Present & Collect: Contemporary Applied Arts, 2017

Here & Now, 2017

Arundel Gallery Trail, 2017

Chichester Art Trail, 2017

Contact Weftfaced or the Contemporary Applied Arts for more information.