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tapestry frame

What is warping a tapestry frame?

If you are interested in tapestry weaving that is brilliant. One of the first things you need to learn is how to warp a frame, because all tapestries have a warp and a weft. This course is the most straight forward way to begin. It involves two videos taking you through the process step by step. You will receive a link to the videos and some basic notes which will accompany them.



What the course covers

Materials and tools required

The setting, how you space the warps out

The warping up process

The tensioning thread and twining

The knots

And finally the weaving!!


Get a taste of Caron's teaching style

In this video Caron explains the materials she’ll be using. If you decide to book a place we will send a full Materials and Equipment list with UK stockist suggestions. 

How the course works

The course consists of two videos which will explain step by step how to warp up a tapestry frame. You will also receive warping up handouts to assist you. Please note that all measurements are in centimetres

If you need to contact Caron you can do this anytime on


What you will need

A full list of the equipment and materials that you will need to warp up a tapestry frame, will be sent to you when you sign up for this course. 

The suppliers suggested are currently all UK based


The price of this course is £18.00 and you will have unlimited access to the videos.

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