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The Red Line

The artist Caron Penney presented her artwork ‘The Red Line’ as part of the Collect Open 2022 showcase with the support of the Arts Council for England. 

‘The Red Line’ by artist Caron Penney, has since been acquired for the Rumi Foundation in support of artists who create work of important social significance and social understanding. The five hand woven tapestries have an optical vibration and are imbued with hidden meaning. The work is titled after the well know term, ‘the red line’ which expresses ‘the point of no return’. This could be in relation to a number of events but for the artist it is a political commentary on the past five years. The word LISTEN is placed in the centre panel and is asking its audience to contemplate its meaning and significance today in what appears to be a polarised society.

Penney was a selected maker for Collect Open - part of Collect: the leading international fair for contemporary craft and design, presented by the Crafts Council and was supported in her endeavour by the Arts Council for England and a-n Artists Information Company.

This is the largest artwork, both in total production time and scale, that Penney has made to date, hand woven tapestry being a medium of technical precision and intimacy. Weaving in this minimal way has offered her a space for mediation, time and repair. This is a completely new and unique artwork and it has been woven during the last two years.

Penney has exhibited widely within the UK and internationally, most notably at the Royal Academy of Arts, Crafting a Difference at the Soshiro Gallery, Artfact at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. She runs Atelier Weftfaced in the heart of Sussex, and creates exquisitely crafted textiles which have an exceptional reputation.

Video: The Red Line by Caron Penney - Collect Open 2022

Video Production: BeechtoBeach, Jane Mote  

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