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Crafting a Difference | SoShiro Gallery

Collect 2021 | Crafts Council 

26th February - 2nd April 2021

Crafting a Difference is a physical exhibition of innovative craftsmanship at the beautiful SoShiro Gallery in Maryleborn, London. Curated by Brian Kennedy, the exhibition brings together more than 200 pieces of work in ceramics, wood, glass, metals, textiles, paint, paper and plastic by over 70 artists from Cavaliero Finn, jaggedart, MADEINBRITALY, Ting-Ying Gallery and Vessel Gallery. The exhibition is supported by the Michelangelo Foundation.


Caron Penney is delighted to be represented by Juliana Cavaliero and Deborah Finn, the owners of the Cavaliero Finn Gallery. Pattern and repetition are deeply seated in Caron and she restricts herself to a limited palette, hand dyeing yarns to match the concrete grey tarmac familiar to the urban environment. 

She will be showing work from her Intersection series, which includes, The Challenge, Intersection I, Intersection II, and the Streets are Paved with Gold. Additional works which can be purchased from the Cavaliero Finn Gallery website include, Stop Go and Golden Handshake.

Please contact the Cavaliero Finn Gallery if you would like to purchase these works. 

Insitu photography courtesy of the Cavaliero Finn Gallery, photographer: Robert Chadwick.

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