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London Art Fair 2020

London Art Fair showcases some of ‘the most exceptional modern and contemporary art of our time, to discover and buy.’  We are proud to announce that Atelier Weftfaced will be exhibiting at the London Art Fair, 22 - 26 January 2020. We will be part of the new initiative Platform which invites galleries to present a combination of well-known, overlooked and emerging artists that align to the theme.

‘In January 2020, Platform will present Threading Forms, bringing to the fore a selection of galleries, representing artists who are both embracing the potential and challenging the limitations of thread in contemporary art.’ (LAF)


Atelier Weftfaced will be representing artists Katharine Swailes and Caron Penney. Swailes exhibited as a selected maker for Collect Open 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery, with the expansive series The Constellations. Swailes will be showing ‘Le Bric et de Broc’, a modular work comprising of nine individual tapestries. This work has never been seen before in London and was shortlisted for the Cordis Prize, in Edinburgh which is an initiative of Miranda Harvey and Ian Rankin of the Cordis Trust. It is the world’s largest award for tapestry, ‘aiming to encourage and reward ambition and scale in the field of contemporary weaving.’ (Cordis Trust)


Penney exhibits both nationally and internationally most recently at the International Trade Fair, Munich, Germany with Galerie Handwerk. In the Crafts Council magazine Crafts (issue 273), Isabella Smith writes of Penney’s tapestries ‘they are quiet grids of off-white, dove grey and charcoal wool punctuated with gold gilt thread; the subtle greyscale hues are married with a clear graphic strength.’ Penney will be exhibiting the tapestry ‘The Challenge’ an exceptional work which was shown in ‘Weaving New Worlds’ is at the William Morris Gallery, September 2018 amongst other works of the same series. 

6_KATHARINE_SWAILES 1 copy 2.jpg
3_CARON_PENNEY 1 small.jpeg
8_KATHARINE_SWAILES 3 small.jpeg

Above: 1. Katharine Swailes and Caron Penney 2. Detail 'The Challenge' by Caron Penney 3. 'Le Bric et de Broc' by Katharine Swailes 4. Detail 'Le Bric et de Broc' 5. 'The Challenge ' by Caron Penney.

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