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Martin Creed

Peder Lund Gallery, Oslo

14 November 2015 - 30 January 2016 


Martin Creed is presenting a series of works at the Peder Lund Gallery in Oslo. Creed is 'featuring a number of new works made on site, including wall paintings, in addition to one of Creed’s iconic neons and a recent tapestry, the exhibition 'Martin Creed' at Peder Lund explores the artist’s wide-ranging approach to materials and concepts.' (Peder Lund website).




Work No. 2492 tapestry by Martin Creed, Peder Lund Gallery
Work No. 2492 by Martin Creed tapestry
Caron Penney weaving Work No. 2492 Martin Creed tapestry
'Work No. 2492' 2015 by Martin Creed © Martin Creed, all rights reserved, Wool 145 x 145 x 1 cm 
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