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Surface Texture
Tapestry Weaving Workshop

Course Description

In this basic tapestry weaving workshop for complete beginners to intermediate levels, participants will enjoy the wonders of applying texture to their hand woven tapestries. Techniques used will be woven into the fabric of the piece while creating your tapestries, using soumak, looping, wrapping, Turkish knots, and many other exciting and varied applications will be explored. Depending on the material used quite different abstract effects can be developed, some of these skills relate to rug weaving and others have origins in the per-Egyptian Coptic weavings of ancient times.

All the materials and equipment required will be provided, however you are welcome to bring your own weaving materials. Students will work on pre- warped frames, provided by the tutor.


Where to find us:


Gallery 57 is on Tarrant Street, Arundel walking south from the centre of Arundel. There is plenty of parking, places to consider are the Crown Yard car park which is the nearest and then there is Mill Road car park which is larger.

If arriving via train please allow time to walk from the station to the venue, this is around 15 minutes.

What to bring:

Students should bring scissors and if they have woven before their preferred weaving tools and complete beginners can bring no equipment as everything is provided.

Please bring your own lunch, alternatively Arundel is full of beautiful cafe’s and places to purchase things!

Tea & Coffee, Biscuits are provided.


Dates: 15th February 2024 or 13th April 2024

Time: 10:00 - 4:00pm

How much does it cost:

The course fee is: £125, this includes borrowing all equipment and the use of any materials provided.


If you would like to purchase any weaving equipment this will be available to any budding weavers wishing to continue with their projects or future ones.

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