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Bookings for JANUARY 2024 NOW OPEN

Project Development

Welcome to “project development”. In this exciting new course you will be focusing on the thoughts and ideas that drive your artwork.


You will investigate what makes your work individual to you.


We will relate this to one project.


Your project may take the form of a single large tapestry or a group of smaller tapestries seen as one piece.


You will be working in a small bespoke group and all our meetings will be held online.

Sketch book by Caron Penney

What is ‘Project Development’?

It will run for one academic year and involve three terms starting in January 2024 and running through to November 2024. In the first term we will explore the focus of your individual project. You should except to present your ideas and thoughts to the group, write them down and only start creating them into tapestry when you are ready to do so. Therefore you will be designing, sampling, and discussing your proposals in terms one and some or all of term two and in the remaining time you will be making your final pieces for your project. 

You will need to work outside of the times we meet to fulfil the course objectives. Depending on the scale of your project you will need on average an additional 7 hours a week available for your tapestry.

During your time with me online, you will be pushed to explore different concepts, think about your projects with renewed focus and develop your skills. I will ask you to bring me some of the inspiration behind your thought process and talk about them. You will develop an understanding of who you are in relation to your artwork/project and how you wish to present yourself to the art world / tapestry network.

How does it work?

There are five sesions per academic term, a total of fifteen Zoom sessions. They are held every fortnight on Tuesday’s in term time. The course is run in England, United Kingdom. We start in January 2024 and run until November 2024. The Zoom sessions start at 1:00 - 4.00pm UK time. 

Also included in the course are two 30 minute one to one sessions per student, and free access to my online technical workshops on Thursday evenings, or the videos that accompany them. 


This workshop is not for beginners to tapestry weaving, it is for intermediate to advanced weavers looking to concentrate on developing their practice and focus. If you are not sure if this is you but are intrigued and would like to chat about it please contact me on and we can have a Zoom chat. 

What you will need!

You will need to be able to use Zoom, on a devise and with an internet connection that is able to cope with three hour plus meetings.

The Red Line tapestry, detail.

The Red Line, detail on the loom by Caron Penney


Term One. What is your project about?

To answer this we have to investigate your previous ideas behind your artworks, why you made them, what drove their construction, and we will delve even further into why you want to make tapestry, what it says to you, and how you want to take this further. Expect to talk to a group of fellow students, show images of previous work, and even present them on Zoom. As you develop your ideas you will be weaving them in sample form in your own time.  

Term Two. Enquiry & Visualisation

During this term you will be asked to write a schedule for your project and present a visualisation of what you imagine it may look like. So this may take the form of samples, sketches, ideas, quotes, poems, or statements. What you present is flexible and depends on you and your time scale and your involvement. This is a course that must be self driven to achieve the most from it. 

Term Three. Aspirations |  Weaving | Completion

In the final term we will be driving down into your plans and aspirations, finding out what next.


You will be weaving your proposed projects in your own time, and presenting updates to the group. Our final session will involve a final presentation of all the work you have achieved during your time on the course. 

Long Term Objectives

You could couple this course with an application for an exhibition like the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Heallreaf tapestry exhibition, Australian Tapestry Workshop bi-annual exhibition or any other opportunity you wish to explore.

What does it cost?

The course will cost: £1,140 and you can pay in one of two ways, three instalments of £380 or one single payment.


If you wish to cancel you must do this within two weeks of booking the course.

If you cancel during the course, all fees and any remaining fees are to be paid and kept by Atelier Weftfaced. You will be invoiced for any remaining fees and expected to pay within 30 days.

Dates for our meetings will be published before the course begins, however the tutor reserves the right to change dates and will make every effort to ensure a suitable replacement date is offered with plenty of notice.

If the tutor is unable to run the workshop then every effort will be made to find an alternative tutor so the course can continue.

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