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Winter Light

Katharine Swailes is exhibiting at Future Icons Select for the first time her largest ever singular colourfield tapestry will be on show. Measuring 1.34 metres square this piece reflects both the inner self and the geographical place she inhabits. Made during the winter of 2022 - 2023 the colour scheme conjures deep dark earthy tones, with accents of bright, light blends in a mesmerising kaleidoscope of threads. 


Wool & cotton

Hand woven tapestry

134 x 134 cm

Winter Light

  • We create unique handwoven tapestry artworks, these are made from natural fibres.


    Our best care advise is to refrain from touching the surface as the work is susceptible to oils in the skin, also humidity, dust and dirt, therefore for best results do not hang in direct sunlight or near heating vents.


    Our terms & conditions are available at checkout.

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