Martin Creed - Work No. 1683


‘Work No. 1683’ woven by Caron Penney for West Dean Tapestry Studio during her tenure as Director (2009-2013), is rendered in coloured threads from 1980 - 2013 from the eminent tapestry studio’s threads archive. The conceptual piece measures 40cm wide. The measurement corresponds with the width of the heddles which were traditionally the width of the weavers shoulders. Each weaver would work with their individual set of heddles allowing them the freedom to make a large tapestry with numerous skilled craftsmen sitting close together. The stripes are made from a length of wool the distance of the weavers stretch and the height of the work is dictated by the number of individual stock colours. The tapestry took Caron eight weeks to make.



Previous Exhibitions Work No. 1683 has been shown in


Hayward Gallery, LondonWhat's the point of it? - 29 January - 27 April 2014.


Hauser & Wirth, New York - 8 November - 21 December 2013.

Hauser & Wirth, New York ©Hauser & Wirth, all rights reserved.

'Work No. 1683' 2013 by Martin Creed © Martin Creed, all rights reserved. Wool, Unique, 330 x 40cm.

© 2021 ATELIER Weftfaced.

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 Photography: Steve Speller