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Hand Woven Tapestry at the Royal Academy of Arts - Summer Exhibition

Stop tapestry by Caron Penney
Stop tapestry by Caron Penney

STOP by Caron Penney

'Everything you’ll see at the Summer Exhibition represents what is happening in the art world right now. New and recent art created by everyone from emerging artists to the biggest names in contemporary art and architecture.’ RA 


'Stop' by Caron Penney was shown at the Royal Academy of Arts, Summer exhibition from 9th June - 17th August 2014.  Caron submitted her work along with 12,000 other artists in the first online application. After being shortlisted she was given confirmation of the works status on 22 May - 'Exhibited'.


Caron is motivated by her desire to highlight a traditional craft in a modern context. Travelling to New York on numerous occasions she is fascinated by the vertical and horizontal landscape. She depicts this combined with the signs and symbols which both start and stop our progress across this expansive city.  



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