Weave + Waffle **One Day** Mondays 6 - 8pm Online

Weave + Waffle, is a new style experience offering participants an opportunity to weave while we chat, if you have heard of ‘stitch & bitch’ then this will be similar. We can waffle on about any subject in a  group of like minded weavers. It is a great chance to socialise online while weaving from the comfort of your home.  


Led by Caron Penney from her Petworth Studio, we can talk about anything from tapestry to art, music, TV or even politics and culture. Nothing is off the table and everything is possible. If you would like to join us then its simple you can book via the website. You chose one or five days, email me which dates you prefer and we will send you the link a few days before the meeting. We will waffle on from  6pm - 8pm on Monday evenings, (UK time zone). The cost of these meetings is £15.00 per day and they will start in September 2022 and run until June 2023, with breaks at half terms, and holidays. Contact us to discuss via contact@weftfaced.com


Proposed Dates: 


Autumn 2022

26th September 

10th October 

31st October

14th November 

28th November


Spring 2023

16th January

30th January 

20th February 

6th March 

20th March


Summer 2023

17th April

1st May

15th May

5th June

19th June


Terms: Dates for our meetings will be published before we begin our discussions, however the tutor reserves the right to change dates and will make every effort to ensure a suitable replacement date is offered with plenty of notice. 

If the tutor is unable to run the workshop then every effort will be made to find an alternative tutor so the meeting can continue. 



Weave + Waffle **One Day** Mondays 6 - 8pm Online

£15.00 Regular Price
£11.25Sale Price