Troubleshooting Series  - Controlling your Edges - 4th August

Controlling your Edges

4th August 6 - 7.30pm


Have you experienced a bad surface, loose edges, ribbing,  been out of shed or a number of other technical problems in your weaving. Caron is running a series of short online workshops which will address these and many others.


Edges are often pulled in or pushed out and both problems are equally annoying and can effect your enjoyment of your finished tapestry. Join this workshop and you will be offered a few tips to conquering these.


How does it work?

The course will be run on Zoom and last one and a half hours. The workshops will concentrate on one specific problem at a time. Caron will introduce herself and the topic of discussion. She will then explain how the technical dilemma is achieved, what is the likely route to having for instance an uneven surface, or tight edges. She will then look at different ways of resolving the problem, this will be done by demonstration but also Caron will draw on paper, sketches of the offending problem and then resolve them in the same way and by weaving the solution. 


What should you expect?

This will be an informal discussion and demonstration about a specific technical problem in weaving. The workshops will be videoed and the video will be available for 7 days after the workshop. There may be some drawings produced in the class and if so these will be photographed and sent out afterwards. There are no formal handouts.


So why not stop scratching your head for the answer to these problems and join Caron for one or more of these fun but insightful workshops.


Please Note: Times are for the UK and Caron works in centimetres. 



Troubleshooting Series - Controlling your Edges - 4th August