Making Your Mark - Creating Tapestry *Summer Dates* Coming Soon

Had enough of sampling and want to create your own ideas in tapestry? This workshop will concentrate on how you progress from a design to a cartoon, and weave your own tapestry. The workshop will consist of five two hour long workshops set a fortnight apart. Classes will involve live demonstrations, slide shows, discussion and Q&A led by the tutor.  You will need to follow instructions, and work in between classes to benefit the most from these classes. 

This course is for students who have completed a beginners class to intermediate level students. It will be informative and exciting while enjoying a relaxed and considerate learning experience. 


What next!

Students will be required to meet on five occasions on Zoom from 2.00pm - 5.00pm (UK time), the tutor will follow a carefully considered schedule. Please note, the tutor reserves the right to over or under run by 10 - 30 minutes in certain circumstances. 


Day One: Welcome and introductions. Followed by a presentation explaining what is expected of you over the next four Zoom workshops. The presentation will take 45 minutes. The tutor will then explain through demonstration how to create a design, and the day will end with an opportunity for questions. 

Homework: make a design for next class.

The design that the tutor will suggest will be simple and they will acknowledge how scale is a critical part of designing for tapestry. 


Day Two: Making a Cartoon. Each student will be asked to show their designs. A short Q&A may follow. 

The tutor will demonstrate how to make a cartoon, the pitfalls and strengths to consider. Students can work at the same time as the tutor or watch and take notes. We will discuss warp types and settings suitable for your design. 

Homework: Make your cartoon, and warp your loom. 


Day Three: Starting to weave, the pitfalls. Each student will be asked to show their cartoon, and warp (or discuss how things are progressing). 

The tutor will have a loom warped, a design and cartoon. Day three will be dedicated to making colour choices, making butterflies, weaving, discussion on joining threads in conjunction with any shed issues and how to weave your designs Q&A.

Homework: Start to weave your tapestries.


Day Four: Weaving day and Q&A. The group will spend the afternoon weaving their designs and asking questions, there maybe group discussion. 

Homework: Weave and Complete your tapestries. 


Day Five: Finishing your tapestry. Demonstration on how to cut your tapestry off the loom and finish the edges. 

Reflection and Q&A. The group will reflect on their work and discuss future opportunities. 


Tutor: Caron Penney


Dates: Saturdays. 


11th September 2021

25th September 2021

9th October 2021

23rd October 2021

6th November 2021


Time: 2pm - 5pm (UK time.) 


Fees: £250 


Group Size: minimum 4 and maximum 8 students 


What you will need:

For Weaving: Tapestry frame, warp, weft, scissors, permanent fine marker pen, bobbin.

For Designing: Copic marker pens, or any other drawing or painting material with a wide nib, tip, or brush. Paper or sketch book relevant to the mark making you have chosen, e.g. watercolour paint and watercolour paper. Paper or card to make a window mount, paper scissors or craft knife and cutting board. 

For Cartoon making: Tracing paper or acetate sheets and a permanent maker pen (it can be the same as listed in For Weaving), and masking tape.


All enquiries to Caron Penney at   


Additional Details, Terms & Conditions: The meeting takes place over Zoom and you are expected to have a working knowledge of it, also you need to understand how to operate your own devise. You will need to have a good internet connection. I use WhatsApp to communicate with the workshop participants, so you can send me a picture of your design, cartoon and weaving. Therefore you will need to know how to take a photo on your phone or iPad and to send this via WhatsApp, email is not accepted. You will be a part of a WhatsApp group and therefore need to know how to use it before booking on the course. Please ensure that you do not use any material sent via WhatsApp for any other purpose than this group activity. If you are found to be using other people’s material incorrectly or passing it off as your own I reserve the right to remove you from the group. 


Deposit: a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 is payable to secure a place on any course, the balance to be paid no less than 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Bookings on any course are accepted at the discretion of the tutor.


Refunds: excluding the non-returnable deposit, can only be given if notice is received at least three weeks prior to the commencement of the course. 


Course Dates: These will be as published. However, if in exceptional circumstances we have to alter course dates, students will be offered an alternative. 

Making Your Mark - Creating Tapestry *Summer Dates* Coming Soon