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Make Your Mark
Summer Tapestry Workshop

Understanding the ‘Make Your Mark’ tapestry weaving workshop. 


You will be asked to respond to the title ‘Make Your Mark’ in one of two ways. Create your own image and cartoon for translating into tapestry weaving, or make your mark in tapestry weaving without a cartoon. 

Classes will involve a slide show, live demonstrations, discussion and Q&A led by the tutor. This course is for students who have done the basics, to advanced weaving students. It will be informative and exciting while enjoying a relaxed and considerate learning experience. 


What is making your mark all about?

Take a moment to consider what your statement tapestry might look like, are you driven by landscape, objects around your house (ceramics or glass), portraits, gardens, or you can take inspiration from the surrounding area in Arundel. You will need to bring some of these things with you, or at least pictures  of them or objects, or design work which we will develop into images or ideas to work on  for your cartoon (if using) and tapestries. 

What the course covers?

  • Understanding what creating an image for tapestry involves and how to begin to develop your own style and make your own image for tapestry.

  • Cartoons and how they are made, the pitfalls and how to use them. 

  • Warp types and settings suitable for your image. 

  • Translating your design into tapestry, deciding on the colours, and techniques you will use to make your tapestry. 

  • Finishing your tapestry and the options available for mounting your work


How the course works?

The course will be held at the Arundel Museum in Arundel, West Sussex. It will run from 10am until 4.00pm each day from Wednesday - Saturday. The tutor is Caron Penney and fellow tapestry weaver Katharine Swailes will assist the classes. Each day we will take a lunch break for one hour. Arundel is a beautiful town with lots of lunch establishments and  accommodation. 

Will there be any extra costs involved:

The car park next to the Arundel Museum is £5.00 per day. There is tea and coffee provided at 11.00am each day, if you would like coffee at lunchtime you can purchase one at the deli Pallant of Arundel, round the corner for a take out. 

On the last evening of the course we will have the opportunity to have dinner together at one of the many restaurants in Arundel. (This is charged separately)


Dates & Fees


Location: Arundel Museum

Dates: TBC

Times: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Lunch: 12.30 - 1.30pm


Price: TBC

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