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Understanding how to make a design for tapestry weaving.

This workshop will concentrate on how you make a design, make a cartoon, and weave your own tapestry. The course will consist of five, three hour long workshops set a fortnight apart. Classes will involve a slide show, live demonstrations, discussion and Q&A led by the tutor.  You will need to follow instructions, and work in between classes to benefit the most from these classes. 

This course is for students who have completed a beginners class to intermediate level students. It will be informative and exciting while enjoying a relaxed and considerate learning experience. 


What is designing for Tapestry Weaving?

For a long time now many tapestry weavers have made their own designs or artwork to be translated into the medium of tapestry. These ideas normally take the form of anything from a sketch in a note book to a painting, digital artwork or just a list of thoughts. 

What the course covers?

Understanding what designing for tapestry involves and how to begin to develop your own style and make your own design.

Cartoons and how they are made, the pitfalls and how to use them. 


Warp types and settings suitable for your design. 


Translating your design into tapestry, deciding on the colours, and techniques you will use to make your tapestry. 

Finishing your tapestry and the options available for mounting the work.

Reflection, what next!!


How the course works

The course involves five, three hour Zoom workshops. These involve a combination of slide presentation, demonstration, discussion, question and answer sessions and weaving. 

How to get feedback?

You can ask questions via WhatsApp, and stay in touch with your group throughout the length of the course, and for a month afterwards.


What will you need?

For Weaving: Tapestry frame, warp, weft, scissors, permanent fine marker pen, bobbin, you could try any of the following options, Weavers Bazaar, George Weil, or Handweavers Studio.

For Designing: Coptic original marker pens or any other drawing or painting material with a wide nib, tip, or brush. Paper or sketch book relevant to the mark making you have chosen, e.g. watercolour paint and watercolour paper. Paper or card to make a window mount, paper scissors or craft knife and cutting board, you could try the following shop for these supplies,  Seawhites of Brighton or most art suppliers. 

For Cartoon making: Tracing paper or acetate sheets and a permanent maker pen (it can be the same as listed in For Weaving), and masking tape, you could try the following shop for these supplies,  Seawhites of Brighton or most stationary suppliers. 



The whole course takes place over Zoom with five meetings which are scheduled at fortnightly intervals. 


There are no planned videos, however some videos maybe shared via Instagram. 


Meeting One: How to Design for Tapestry

Homework: Make your design

Meeting Two: Making a Cartoon, warp and weft

Homework: Make your cartoon and warp your frame

Meeting Three: Starting to Weave, picking your colours and techniques

Homework: Weaving your designs

Meeting Four: Weaving Day, Question and Answer.

Homework: Weaving your designs.

Meeting Five: Suggestions on finishing techniques and Reflection. 

Dates & Fees

All times are UK times


11th September 2021

25th September 2021

9th October 2021

23rd October 2021

6th November 2021


Time: 2pm - 5pm 


Fees: £250

Group Size: minimum 4 and maximum 8 students



Are there any videos?

No, this is a live course undertaken on Zoom and communication with the tutor is done via WhatsApp.

Can I join if I have no experience of tapestry weaving?

No, you should have warped up a frame and already done some weaving, say a beginners class. The tutor won't be able to help you warp up your frame or help you learn the basics of weaving. 

What will we be making?

You will create a design, a cartoon, and weaving a tapestry. The size of the work you make will depend on your experience and the amount of time you are willing to devote to your project. If this is your first ever attempt at designing for tapestry, you should keep your design and tapestry should be small, around 12cm x 12cm. 

What equipment might I need?

There is a list of equipment above.

Can I do this if I don't live in the UK?

Yes you can however please check the time zones for our meetings.

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